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Meaningful innovation inherently involves risk. Adopting consensus thoughts on acceptable failure is insufficient. Defining acceptable failure for your organization is critical. [...]
Wed, Aug 24, 2016
Source: Innovation Excellence
One glaring constant in your career is that the technology you'll use for your craft will regularly change. When this happens you have a choice: hold on to what you know or become an early adopter, exploring the next thing. It's the early adopters who take the early lead towards [...]
Tue, Aug 23, 2016
Source: 99u
Airbnb_Horizontal_Lock_Up_PMS What began as a simple idea to earn some extra income and help out travelers from out-of-town eventually took off globally. AirBnB started in 2007 and is valued now at over $ 25 billion. There are at least 3 important lessons learned from its troublesome start. Here's their story. [...]
Tue, Aug 23, 2016
Source: Innovation Excellence
Before you launch your innovation campaign, you want to set up key performance indicators or KPIs for short. Key performance indicators help you keep track of your overall strategy and your individual innovation programs. They alert you when it's time to intervene and take action to get things back on [...]
Mon, Aug 22, 2016
Source: Innovation in Practice
If you truly want to encourage innovation in your organization, you have to dedicate the resources to achieve it. No true innovation can occur in virtual space alone. In order to provide workers with the best tools for innovation, you must commit time, money, people, materials, and equipment to the [...]
Thu, Aug 18, 2016
Source: Phil McKinney
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