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M. Denis Marchand

General Manager

Denis Marchand holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering as well as a master’s in Administration from the Université de Sherbrooke in addition to his 30 years of experience in the high-tech industry.

In 1982, he helped launch the first microelectronic centre of excellence in Canada, the Société de microélectronique industrielle de Sherbrooke (SMIS) and the Sherbrooke company C-MAC Industries in 1986. Over the past 20 years, he occupied many roles and management positions in the areas of design, manufacturing, operations, and development (products, technologies, business, marketing, strategic planning and M&A).

He was also a member of the Groupe Lagassé team and worked as a development and strategic management consultant. Since the early 2000s, Denis Marchand has held seats on the boards of various high-tech firms.

Cell. 819 437-5533
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Francois Crevier

M. François Crevier

Assistant Manager

Since completing his university studies in Economic Sociology, François worked for various organizations supporting innovation in the Eastern Townships and in the Saguenay—Lac-Saint-Jean region. He was also an active member of the Table sur l’innovation et le développement technologique de l’Estrie until 2006 and was involved in many of the Table’s projects, particularly the Innoclic project and the organization of two innovation forums in the Eastern Townships. These experiences have enabled him to develop an excellent network of partners in the field of economic development and research as well as an extensive knowledge of the resources and tools available to support business innovation in the Eastern Townships.

Prior to joining the team at Défi Innovation Estrie, he was coordinator of the DINAMO strategy, an unprecedented approach to support innovative SMEs in the Saguenay—Lac-Saint-Jean region. At Défi Innovation Estrie, François advises and assists the director in his duties as well as coordinating communications activities and promoting innovation. He is the defiinnovationestrie.ca webmaster and the organization’s social networking coordinator (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook).

It should also be noted that from 2009 to 2012 François sat on the board of the Société pour la promotion des sciences et de la technologie (SPST).

Cell. 819 349-4891
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